Monday, December 31, 2007


In my first blog I detailed how i stumbled onto a new direction. As with any new discovery, every question that gets answered leads to 10 new questions. How am I going to keep up with K focused me to what is the best way to get good food onto my table? This in turn lead me to question what could be done to fix my overall physical fitness, what did healthy eating really mean, where is my food coming from, what other things could I be doing to help the environment, why am I unhappy with myself and how do I cook 5 lbs of kale? So many issues and so many options. The more I looked into it, the more dissatisfied I became with my own choices and lack of action. So, after a year of floundering around, reading what I could in my spare time and feeling overwhelmed to the point of indecision I have decided that, for better or worse, I would start making some solid steps in a direction--hopefully the right direction-- and that the best way to keep myself accountable would be to blog about it. There are several categories and lots of little things that I would like to focus on and since I cant focus in enough to make that list manageable I will just post it here as it comes to me and I will add to it and elaborate more in future posts.

Physical Self
-Weight Gain
-Knee Injury
-Lack of energy
-Stamina to keep up with K
-Looking Good
-Poor Self Image

-Connection with the earth
-Environmental Impacts
-Sustainable Building
-Water shortage
-Rainwater catchment
-Alternative Energy Sources

-Where does it come from
-Shipping food contributes to carbon footprint
-Sustainable growing methods
-Organic/Free-Range/Cage-Free/Humane Treatment
-Healthy eating
-Community Supported Agriculture
-Local Food

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