Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lancaster Farm Fresh-Winter Week 9

As I mentioned, I joined up to the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op Community Suppoted Agriculture (CSA) pro-rated winter shares at week 9 of 13. In this weeks vegetable share, there were:
4 sweet potatoes
3 rutabagas
2 large shallots
A large bag of green beans
A bunch of kale 
a bunch of collard greens
A bunch of Swiss chard
2 large portabello mushroom caps

I also got egg, bread, and pantry add-on shares so this week included a dozen eggs, dried fruit bread and some tea. 

The rutabagas went into some vegetable gratin, the chard and kale will be included in some broth soups and the green beans, if not eaten otherwise are destined for my favorite roasted treatment. We had the eggs this morning roasted inside of the mushrooms for a delightful protein breakfast that we'll be sure to try again. 

I'm loving having CSA veggies back in my fridge and in my diet

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