Monday, May 23, 2016

Lots and lots of practice

I think the key to getting better at anything, especially things that require the formation of new muscle memory and coordination, is practice. Lots and lots of practice And so.I'm getting lots of practice spinning on my spindles by fitting it in every chance I get. I've even converted one of my large project bags into a portable supported spindle bag so I can grab my gear and take it anywhere. So far I've only managed some spinning in the car when I showed up way to early to pick up my daughter from her class since every other occasion to spin in public has been thwarted by rain.

I'm starting to feel very comfortable in spinning the different thicknesses of singles that I'm going for.  I still end up with a bit of thick and thin but its much more consistent that when I started out. I just finished the first half the first braid I started that came with the supported spindle kit I got from Walnut Farm Designs. When I wound the singles off into a center pull ball I really got to see, in reverse, how I'd improved in just 6 days. The singles on the outside of the ball represent my very first spinning but even those are not too far off my intended gauge. 
I'm also enjoying getting to connect with other spindlers in the various Ravelry groups and learn from and be inspired by their threads and monthly challenges. The Spindlemania group is hosting a "Happiness is..." challenge for May and now extended to June. I'm going to enter the yarn above as well as the batt I'm spinning on my drop spindle that has gorgeous splashes of blue and purple things like silk, angelina, bamboo, alpaca and glitz against gray Rambouillet/Columbia/Hampshire cross fleece. I'm really having fun with this one and can't wait to see what the final product looks like. 

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