Saturday, February 28, 2009

Garden Record-Spring 09

My Garden Record-I'll update this post with a record of my garden activites (and probably some $ amounts) for the spring.

Every pea planted outside has germinated and is starting to peak above ground

Outside spinich is sprouting like crazy
Peppers have finally germinated 70% and look good
Purchased 2.8 cu ft Potting mix at Target

Ordered from Gardener's Supply: Self-Watering Planter (40), 2 Fabric Potato Bins (20), 2 Hanging Tomato/Herb Planters (40), Soil mixing Tub ( 16), White Fabric for Shade and Row Covers (10), 20qts Compost (14), White Button Mushroom Kit (30)

3/11-Coolish moist and overcast am, warm breezy afternoon
Sown Outside in planters
2 rows Daikon Radish, Forono Beet
3 rows Early Market Carrot
seeded .75 sq ft each of 5 different frost hardy lettuces, mustard greens

3/9-Sunny, warm, light breeze
1 pea and 1 spinach sprout noticed in outside planter
98% germination-Purple Tomatoes, Bunching Oinions, thyme, greek oregano, basil, chives
80% germiniation-steak sandwich tomatoes, yellow onions, sage
70% germination-cilantro, cumin, leeks
0% germination-all peppers-must try again next week

3/6-Sunny, slightly cool
Started Sugar Snap Peas (8)and Long Standing Bloomsdale broadcast (1.5 sq ft)outside

Added light to seed starting shelf
Oredered more seeds from Bountiful Gardens (25.65);see Starting the Seeds Post for full list

3/2-Snow Day
Started 3 cells of each: Leeks, Bunching Oinion, Purple Russian Tomato, Steak Sandwich Tomato, Mini Red Bell Pepper, Yellow Stuffing Bell Pepper, Yellow Star Hot Pepper (Freebie from Baker Creek), Carnival Mix Sweet Pepper; 6 cells of Yellow Onion

Started 2 of each: Basil, Greek Oregano, Chives, Cumin, Cilantro, Sage, Thyme seeds
Filled and hung out bird feeder

Set up seed starting flats, received 2 containers
Bought potting soil, hose, PVC pipe and supplies for strawberry retrofit, bird feeder and bird seed ($10/$17/$2/$11) from Home Depot
Started 1 Mediterranean Oregano and Strawberry seeds

Bought potting soil, seed starting trays, seed starting light, plant markers, misc stuff ($60) From Home Depot

Removed junk and X-mas tree needles from porch
Bought potting soil, fertilizer mix, shelf unit for seed starting from Target

Ordered Seeds from Baker Creek Heritage Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange ($44/$72.56); see Starting the Seeds Post for full list
Ordered 6 Self-Watering Containers, 3 S-W converters, 20Q soil mix, 3" pot transplant set from Gardeners Supply ($166/$40/$30/$20)

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