Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday began with a little snow and with the very light breeze only one corner of my patio had a light dusting. Nothing like what the rest of the north east states are getting. This was a very moist and sticky snow, not the dry, fluffy stuff that I could blow and sweep off my car with very little effort but it was only a little and not really coming down with any force. After breakfast we bundled up and ventured outside. K took great pride in climbing the play structure in her snow boots and taking the snow with her as she flew down the twisty slide and shoot off the end in a spectacular puff. The only thing that could top that was a snowman so we got to work. I started the 1st ball and showed K how to roll it; the sticky snow making easy work of the task. Soon enough we had 3 balls stacked up to Ks height. I'm glad we got out in the morning because by the afternoon the snow was melted.

The rest of my seeds arrived from Baker Creek and I contemplated going out and planting the cold loving seeds but I decided that I had better go finish my planning and make sure that I have room for everything I plan on starting indoors before I go crazy and end up with nothing but peas and spinach. Glad I did. I spend a wonderful evening dreaming of spring greens, summer flowers, and fall harvest. This should hold me through the not so light snow that piled on last night and this morning. Schools are closed and the streets look nasty, not to mention the long stretch of icy, snow piled stairs between my door and my car. So I made pancakes for breakfast instead of cold cereal on the run, enjoyed my coffee sitting down instead of while driving, baked banana bread muffins that just came out of the oven and thanked the season for giving me a few more days of real winter so that I have plenty of time to finish my planning for spring.

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