Friday, May 15, 2009

No Suitable Title

I've stopped blogging for a while, mostly because I was too tired/busy/lazy to come up with anything witty or worthwhile to say but also because I felt that in the pursuit of balance in my life I was actually becoming very polarized. I guess that when two primary facets of you life exist at odds with one another it is natural that you feel compelled to do one or the other. The easy fix for that is to put lots of time into both but as I've fount that is just exhausting.

Some things that have happened recently:
I've learned to do basic crochet. I can even crochet and walk a the same time though I found out the hard way that by keeping your arms out in front it increases the sun exposure to the tops of your arms and may lead to unexpected burns or tans (depending on skin color).
I have stuffed about as many containers and plants on to my patio as that small space and apartment regs allow and its starting to really get green out there. I am harvesting my own mixed greens salad every few days and with this next bit of warm I should have it near every day soon.
I don't start getting my csa share until next month but mothers day weekend we headed out to the farm for some play time and got a freebie handful (as much as you could fit) of fresh asparagus which has been going into local egg omelets and is also great just sauteed on its own with a little salt.
I'm going to try to do One Local Summer again this year but this time actually write up my participation. Hopefully I'll do better and making it till the end than I did with the Dark Days but we'll see. I'll post more about it later.
I'm playing a much larger role at work and have a fair amount of self direction that I didn't have before. I'm also trying to be much more deliberate and proactive in my new found freedom so that I can prepare to make the transition to management when the cards lay out right.
I got out the camping gear and saved money to make the purchases that I needed to round out my gear so that K and I can take our first camping trip. Now I just need the $$ pay for the gas, camp site fees and food. It will be interesting to see if I can keep up with K in the "wild". Luckily, on one of our trips to REI to look at new tents she showed and interest in playing inside the tent and no aptitude for being able to open the zippers on her own, so there is hope.

That all I can think of right now and I should be in bed so I better sign off. Buenos Noches.


Christy said...

I love asparagus! How lucky to get a bunch of it like that. We love camping here, it is much more relaxing than being at home for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know you won Holy Cows and Hog Heaven over at my blog. Feel free to email me your address at when you get a spare moment and I'll send it off to you! :)