Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Days-Week 2

So much for my early confidence, this is going to be harder than I though…especially if I don’t get to the market soon.

A quick rummage through my apple bin revealed a few local apples left so sliced them and mixed them with the last of my lettuces and some sliced carrots from the garden, and some of the white beans from Heritage Farm and Kitchen. Because I made this for lunch the night before, I used a splash of my daughters organic OJ to keep the apples from browning but no other dressing.

It was a simple preparation but the snap of the apples plus the amazing flavor of the beans made it substantial enough to hold its own. It would have been better with a bit of bread or a little meat but until I get to the farmers market or check out the Maple Street Market I’m running short on options. I will have to make shopping it a priority this next week.


Jes said...

Great looking fridge/pantry salad! I just made to the market this past weekend, but it was a little rough when I was working only with what I had in the house. You definitely made a great dish with what you had!

SwingCat123 said...

Thanks Jes. It really brings out your creativity to work with things on hand and I was really suprised both weeks with how good those simple ingredients tasted and how much more I appreciated my meal due to the effort and focus I had to put into it.