Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Local Summer Week 8

It's been a trying week and with temperatures being as hot as they are I haven't felt like cooking a whole lot recently. Or when I have I haven't had the time. So when I did get the time to cook a full local dinner and inspired by Ree's beautifully photographed post, I turned to breakfast. That's right, breakfast by way of good old eggs and potatoes with a local twist. We, my daughter and I, harvested the first of our mini bell peppers. They only get to be a about 1-2.5" in diameter and are very sweet with none of the bitter after taste that I have detected in your average grocery store varieties. We also pulled up a bunch of our onions. The day before we made the potatoes. The peppers and the onions were diced and added to some diced potatoes from Bigg Riggs farmers market stand that were placed on foil squares. A dash of salt, pepper and paprika was sprinkled over each pile along with a generous spoon full of South Mountain Creamery butter. I then sealed up the foil packets and roasted in the oven. The next day I reheated a servings worth, cooked up fried eggs from Potomac Vegetable Farms and served with Becky's whole wheat toast with butter and home-canned blackberry jam made from berries we picked at Great Country Farms. All in all a very satisfying way to have a quick, local meal.

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Anonymous said...

Breakfast allows for so many variations. I know what you mean about mini-peppers being sweeter. The foil-roasted veg sound delicious, as does that blackberry jam.