Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 6 CSA

Here is a quick snapshot of what came in my box for week 6.
And here are the green beans, plums and peaches that we picked (all but 2/3 of the peaches came as a u-pick share bonus--which means free)
Here is what I picked up this week at the Leesburg Farmers Market on our way to the farm. The smoked sliced ham and bacon is from Baker's.
Here is a close up of the delicious, indulgent chabatta bread from South Street. It was even better than I had imagined it.
At the Potomac Vegetable Farms booth I got onions, shallots, garlic scapes (probably the last until next year) and some rosemary.
At Bigg Riggs booth I stocked up on zucchini and potatoes and couldn't pass up a patty pan squash.
And for our sandwich and toasting pleasure (and because it's too hot or I'm just plain too lazy to bake my own bread right now) a nice wheat loaf from Becky's Pastries.
And i finally got around to shelling the two bags of peas that were waiting in the fridge. All it took was a good movie and a couple of hours and now I have 2 quarts of frozen blanched peas waiting for winter soups.

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