Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 9 CSA

I can't believe that its already been 9 weeks. I'm so excited to see the first cobs of corn. I'm hoping to can up a bunch like I did last year because its such a treat to have your own corn in soups, on salads, and anywhere you would normally use canned corn all year round. These ears, however are destined to be enjoyed fresh. Green beans are also starting to appear in large quantities and will likely continue for the remainder of the season thanks to successive plantings.
We are starting to get the free stone peaches and I finally got a few precious donut peaches to try. I was afraid that I was going to miss the chance to try them. Another treat is the very first apple of the season! I can't wait until fall and the chance to make apple pie.
2 pints of blackberries were the u-pick bonus again along with 4 peaches but we spent our time picking an extra 2 pints of blackberries (not free) and there were some problems with the hayride so we skipped the peaches. Its OK, I think I have 6 bags of them slowly ripening and waiting to be sliced and frozen right now.
From the Leesburg Farmers Market I got more onions, garlic, and eggs from Potomac Vegetable Farm, a head of butter leaf lettuce from Endless Harvest and Boston Pork Butt from Bakers. Not sure what I'm going to do with the pork but I'm slowly restocking the fridge with both veggies and meat and the price was good so why not.

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