Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been following the campain at Eat the View and strongly support the call to plant food at the White House. I have done my part to talk to just about eveyone I meet about my plans to plant a small porch garden and about the importance of my weekly trips with K to the farm to pick and pick up our fresh fruits and vegies from our CSA. Now that spring is here and I am running into a lot of old friends the most common question I get asked after "How are you?" is "When do you start going back to the farm?" That makes me happy.

And you know what I learned last night? They did it! Our leading family took another step that I hope will be just the begining of a continuing trend to lead by example. They started a "kitchen garden" on the White House lawn. There is a form to submit a thank you note to the Obama's on Eat the View and here is a video of Michelle addressing the school children about her reasons for starting the garden and some footage of the initial ground breaking (thankfully not in the traditional style of golden shovel and then teams of professionals) with the kids "pitching" in.

CNN Video

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