Friday, March 6, 2009

From Snow to Spring (almost)

From this:
To this:
In less than a week we went from 60's to 10's and then back up over 70 degrees this afternoon. I took this time to play in the snow, feed the birds and then come back inside to warm up, plant more seeds and dream of spring. Those are my thyme seedlings just beginning to poke though. Today I go the first tease of Spring when an early departure from work for a doctors appointment granted me the chance to enjoy a few minutes of basking in the sun and driving with the windows down (I normally start my commute with the sunrise and drive home as the sun is setting). It felt wonderful. I'm happy to say that I opened up the porch door for a few hours and got my peas, onions (bunching and yellow), leeks, and a bed of spinach in the containers that were freshly moistened from the snow melt.
I'm really looking forward tomorrow when I plan on opening the door in the early morning, leaving it open most of the day and appreciate the early touch of Spring.

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