Sunday, June 14, 2009

CSA Week 1

We collected the first week of farm shares from Great Country Farms and once we got home and opened the box we found precisely what we should have; lots of green with a bright spot of red. I had purchased the smaller handful of asparagus when we were in the farm store just in case but as it turned out, that would be totally unnecessary. We didn't make it to the farmers market this weekend but had plenty of food to enjoy. The asparagus made it into fritattas and sliced up in various ways for side dishes and the kale is destined for a bean soup.

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Anonymous said...

All of that asparagus looks so good. I bet it will be delicious. Funny, I just made kale/collard soup yesterday, and it came out wonderfully. What flavors do you have in your bean soup? Often they freeze really well, so its great as a treat in winter when the greens are scarce.