Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Week 1

So as I said I've started knitting again. I've been seeing numerous ideas on my Pinterest feed for using Mason Jars for things beyond canning. Since I haven't canned recently and have used up most of my canned goods, except the wonderful raspberry jam my mom made, I have lots of empty jars on hand to use. I have been using them with lids to store dry goods: flours, beans, nuts and such. But then I started seeing ideas for using them to make oatmeal, hold coffee and tea and treat then like any large mug. But as I looked at the idea there were flaws.  The glass lost heat too fast, it transferred that initial heat right to my hands making it impossible to hold until it was too cool to drink. It also had problems with condensation and drips going right down the sides and making rings on my desk. There were lots of patterns for sleeves from felt or fabric which solved the hand issue but still had the ring issue and a bit if the heat loss issue still. 

And then I saw the knit Cozy pattern. I found one that had a basic and two ribbed variations and in a fit of inspiration and need to distract myself from an uncomfortable situation I cast on my first project in over a year and got the cuff worked out while remembering how to work in the round. I did most of the body Friday night while a passenger on a long drive and then finished the bottom on Sunday.

 It was satisfying to use old skills and knowledge, to finish something so practical and immediately be able to use it, and to realize how much the process of knitting and handling yarn prepared me without my being aware of it for other things I've done recently. A good first week despite everything else. 

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