Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Week 2

Creativity feeds the soul and apparently I've been starving myself because now that I re-started knitting, I've jumped in with both hands (yes it should be feet...I don't t know about you but I can't knit with my toes). And it feels good to be creating again.

Coming out of week 2, I went from one project to many that will give me both quick accomplishments and challenge my commitment and skills. 

I've decided to take on the following goals this year to get me to at least 52 Finished Objects in 52 weeks:
1. Knit along to make 12 scarves/shawls this year. 
2. Finish all 5 WIPs from last year. 
3. Start 1 small/baby item and 1 larger gift item each month to get a head start on Christmas/Birthdays. 
4. Learn one new skill or take one class each month. 
5. Knit one hat, socks or other accessory each month. 

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