Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daybook For Today- January 29th, 2015

Outside my's been dark and gloomy. Thought I heard some hail on my window at work but it was gone by the time I ventured outside.

I am:
Thinking...of all the wonderful things I can create with the yarn I've ordered.

Thankful...for all the wonderful people, from my mother and grandmother to my 4-H leaders, who helped teach me how to knit, sew, craft and create.

Wearing...Favorite purple tank and a stretch knit  skirt with black tights, 3/4 sleeve cardigan and flats with my puffy warm jacket and a wool scarf. Changed into comfy sweats, fuzzy socks, a loose tee and big zip up sweater as soon as I got home.
Creating...Socks and big warm knitted things. sit on the couch with a heat pad on my back to knit while watching tv. much yarn and how many project are too much
Reading...Knitting to Stay Sane Blog.
Watching...Justice League Unlimited Season 2 on Netflix.
Listening...2 Knit Lit Chicks Podcast Episode 84.
Hoping...for money to fall out of the sky and pay for my bills and hobbies. do a short row heel and pick up gusset stitches.
Pondering...why I like lists so much.

In my kitchen: Not cooking tonight, probably going to reheat spaghetti with mushroom meat sauce.

A favorite thing: Soft silky yarn and fluffy soft cats

Quote: From Myke Cole's article on Five Books About Deeply-Flawed, Despicable People from
"Stories are about people...And here's the thing about people: they aren't perfect. People make mistakes, frequent and horrendous mistakes. We screw up early and often and horribly. The best protagonists in all genres, fantasy included, are equally flawed, not so horribly that we want to see them burn, but enough so that we see our own errors reflected in theirs. Because if our favorite fantasy characters can fall so far and find redemption, the maybe we can too."

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